Precise help into the community, care for old party members we are in action

Spread health knowledge

  The members of the outpatient Party branch organization committee and the head nurse of the anesthesiology operating room exchanged cordially with the old party members, understood their lives and physical conditions, and actively answered the questions and health care consultations of the old Party members。Subsequently, the head nurse also organized a lecture on health knowledge for the old party members to spread health and fitness knowledge more carefully。

Visit a bedridden party member

  After the meeting, a group of people came to the old party member Uncle Li's home。Uncle Li has been paralyzed in bed for four years, unable to speak, the director of the outpatient department to Uncle Li's wife after a detailed understanding of the condition for its detailed physical examination, and to his wife carefully told the care precautions for paralyzed patients at home。

  In the conversation, his wife told us about his work experience: Uncle Li was a grass-roots police, working for more than 40 years never asked for leave, honest, hard work, hard work。When Uncle Li heard us talking about his work, he was listless and suddenly excited, with tears in his eyes。